The story behind Imagine Today Coaching

My story is one of grief, loss, yet ultimately hope. After losing my husband in 2012 while pregnant with my second daughter, I needed to learn a new way to live. I had to envision a new life leaving behind my friends, my job and my home in one state to move to another. The name “Imagine” stems from the grief center I used to take my daughters to and has provided both of us much hope.


Since his death, I have gone through many struggles, but have learned that life is worth living (and to the fullest). I recently got remarried and have learned that happiness is possible again. 


I am now certified as a professional coach and my goal is to help empower those who have or are currently struggling with grief or loss or simply want to find a new way to live. 

I promise to help you find value in life and believe that the life you have is worth living and can be something amazing.


Rebecca Bergeron, C.P.C.

Certified Professional Life Coach

Specializing in Grief and Loss Coaching