Summer Time Grief

Summer Time Grief

While many of us feel happy, uplifted and excited for summer, those that have experienced a loss or a significant change (whether recent or anytime in the past) know all the barbecues, cookouts and family gatherings have changed dramatically for us.

It can be hard feeling motivated to enjoy the nice weather when life is so different now after the loss. What we need to remind ourselves is that despite the grief we are experiencing, we need to accept that life must go on. For me, this was such a hard reality to face after the loss of my husband. How can I move forward when my world has been turned upside down and everything I once knew has changed?

I am here to say, yes, it has changed. But it is not the end of the road. There is still much life left in us and we need to take baby steps to get past just a content place and move to a motivated place once again.

What happened to all those goals you once had? Are they out the window now? Perhaps, you need to rediscover new goals and simply take baby steps to get there. Maybe you just need to talk it out and come up with a plan. While this is scary, it is not impossible. I am not by any means saying to not cry or grieve (in fact, far from it). Life does not need to sit at a standstill and we need to cope with the grief and find a new way to life, experiencing the grief and not simply overcoming it.

My role as a life coach is to help you find that inner happy place because it is there but we may need some convincing to discover it. Use that grief as motivation instead as a hindrance to move forward. Even when you think this is impossible, try to keep an open mind and know hope is there, we just need to rediscover it. Summer time does not need to be a season of despair, but use it as a season of hope.

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