"Living with Intention and Purpose" 5 week workshops

What is the life I would like to live and create?

This workshop is all about enhancing your sense of mindfulness (learning to be present and enjoy the now) while defining your dream, laying claim to your own sense of deserving, and learning how to live with failure and move through it.

The cost is $99 for 5 weeks. (If you would like to host one in your home, and can get 4 or more people to attend, the cost is free). During these 5 weeks you will learn to apply simple principles in order to: feel excited about getting out of bed each morning to live your live, improve and enhance relationships with people in your life (whether you like them now or not), move beyond health, financial, relationship and career struggles in order to seek true fulfillment and discover and achieve your dreams.

If you want more details about the program, feel free to call/text 973-951-3535 .

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