Mindfulness for Kids Matters

How often are we stuck in a rut worrying about the past and scared of the future? Mindfulness allows us to stay present and focus only on the now.

I practice mindfulness myself but also use it as a parent. My daughter used to struggle with anxiety after my husband passed away and mindfulness helps.

Think about it. If you are playing "I SPY" with your kids or asking them specific questions about their day, they can not be dwelling on anything that may be upsetting them.

I also teach my girls how to breathe to release the stress of the day. Before bed, we do flower bubble breathing. Breathing in like you are smelling a flower for 10 seconds and breathing out slowly like you are blowing a bubble.

These are just a few of the tools I use at home and in my classroom.

I am offering mindfulness workshops for parents and one on one if your child needs help managing their emotions or is dealing with stress or anxiety. Feel free to contact me to chat more.

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